No. 46(49) (2020)

This issue of the collection presents current research on various areas of social practice. There are presented the approaches to study the nation-building process and to find ways to achieve civil harmony. The attention is focused on the problems of the COVID-19 pandemic in the context of democratic citizenship development, construction of a social support network, and loss experiences. The topics of mass media perception are covered, the personal features of privacy, civic identity, self-blame are considered, the strategies of difficult social situations’ and stressful situations’ overcoming are offered. There are investigated the possibilities to settle the social conflicts and socio-cultural interaction of generations, the features to construct the images of stigmatized minorities. There are raised the problems of education and educational policy reforming, social practices of ownership and competitiveness, challenges related to the construction of socio-psychological taxonomy.

Addressed to social and political psychologists, specialists of related sciences, teachers, Ph.D. students, and university students.

Published: 2020-12-28