Role Interaction as a Factor of Personal Identity Formation in Senior Pupils:

the Program of Empirical Study

  • L. M. Kryvoborodko


The program of empirical research is intended to determine the structure of role interaction in the senior pupils' team, the status of each of them and the characteristics of their personal identity, the conditionality of its formation by the features of role interaction. The main hypothesis of the research is formulated: the peculiarities of the role interaction constructing in a small group to which the individual belongs, determine the levels of formation and characteristics of  personality’s identity – the subjectivity of a person, the awareness of the I-image, the integration of the I-concept in time, integrity and structuring of cognitive, emotional and behavioral components. It is designed the general model of the influence of the senior pupil’s role interaction on the formation of his/her personal identity, as well as partial models, detailing the peculiarities of the interaction of group expectations and the individual role I-concept in the process of identity formation: from the diffuse – to the "moratorium" on self-determination or on the formation of borrowed identity, and from these states – to the formed identity. These typical states of youth identity for J. Marsia are considered as the stages of its formation in ontogenesis. Several additional hypotheses of the study are outlined: about the existence of a connection between sociometric status of a pupil in a school class, which is formed on the basis of role interaction, and the level of formation of personal identity; about the influence of the content of the roles performed by the student (positive, negative, dominant, dependent, social or interpersonal, formal or vital), on the peculiarities of the formation of personal identity; about the pupil's ability to resist the pressure of the pupil group in the role interaction process, to coordinate their own role requirements with group expectations as the leading factors in the formation of mature personal identity.

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Kryvoborodko, L. M. (2017). Role Interaction as a Factor of Personal Identity Formation in Senior Pupils:: the Program of Empirical Study. Scientific Studios on Social and Political Psychology, (40(43), 157-171.