Personal-and-Role Modeling of Active Social Behavior by Youth

  • O. L. Korobanova


The personal-and-role modeling is rationalized and conceptualized as a phenomenon of role interaction, which implies in choosing and mastering the structural and functional “canvas” of actions and planning for further interaction. It is pointed out the importance of self-regulation of the personality and its subjective properties in the youth’s active social behavior, which is based on the personal-and-role modeling of social and interpersonal roles ability related to the role of a citizen. Personal-and-role modeling is considered as a resource for the activation of social behavior of young people, as it is assigned by the role of psychological mechanism for the development of loyal and successful roles as ways of action in various situations of social interaction. Attention is drawn to the fact that psychological technologies of personal-and-role modeling and practical empirical work can be used in psychological support and for the formation of active social behavior of young people in the process of political participation. In case of civic activity approach through the modeling point of view, the emphasis is placed on the formation of internal personal determinants, which predetermine behavior that allows the viewer to review and to impove still used stimulators of activity of young people as members of civil society.

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Korobanova, O. L. (2017). Personal-and-Role Modeling of Active Social Behavior by Youth. Scientific Studios on Social and Political Psychology, (40(43), 147-156.