Gender Differences of Self-Perception of Teenagers

  • O. V. Kaminska


The results of the analysis of gender differences in self-perception in adolescence are presented. This study is important because inadequate, oversimplified or distorted self-image leads to disharmony of the whole person, hinders the process of self-formation and in society. The role of independence in the process of self-image and the self-concept constructing has been determined, its influence on the content filling of representations ensuring the specificity of the self-awareness of the individual has been identified. It has been empirically proven that gender self-perception in adolescence is largely influenced by gender stereotypes, according to which men must have the qualities such as activity, strength, autonomy, aggressiveness, demonstrability, persistence, desire for dominance, independence and achievement, and women are predisposed to concentration on feelings, expressiveness, friendliness, chastity, weakness, obedience, caring.

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Kaminska, O. V. (2017). Gender Differences of Self-Perception of Teenagers. Scientific Studios on Social and Political Psychology, (40(43), 72-79.