Peculiarities of Returning of Military Personnel to the Peaceful Life after Participation in ATO

  • O. V. Dyshkant


The paper shows the main problems faced by families of military personnel after their return from the combat zone, analyzes the changes in the behavior of the combatants, the stages of psychological correction of these changes and gives the primary rules of communication with military personnel in their families. The article shows the author’s considerations on the negative influence of military trauma on the psychological health of military personnel and civilians who got military trauma. It is analyzed the foreign statistics of negative impacts of military actions on the soldier’s psyche and the experience of their minimization. It is determined that the provision of urgent psychological assistance and constant psychological support on time have a positive impact on the percentage of negative psychic symptoms of veterans of the war. It is underlined that there are specific rules of communication with the combatants who returned home. Ignorance and neglect of them can lead to the tragic consequences related to the peculiarities of perception of the surrounding realities by combatants. It is noted that the system of psychological rehabilitation in the country is still at the stage of formation and is coordinated, mainly, by the public and volunteer organizations. There is no single structure for improving the psychological literacy of the civilian population regarding the consequences of staying in the center of combat operations and the particularities of communication with the military in the peaceful life. The situation which occurred with military traumatization of a vast number of military personnel and civilian population can lead not only to excessive negative psychic symptoms but also to economic problems in the country. A complex multidimensional approach is necessary for dealing with the issue of minimizing the effects of military trauma using modern technology and the experience of countries that successfully solve this problem.

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Dyshkant, O. V. (2017). Peculiarities of Returning of Military Personnel to the Peaceful Life after Participation in ATO. Scientific Studios on Social and Political Psychology, (40(43), 43-52.