Experience of profile orientation on the basis of specialized online resources

Keywords: profile orientation, career guidance, online career guidance, internet resources for profile orientation


The purpose of this publication is to analyze the foreign and Ukrainian experience in profile orientation and further career guidance work by means of online services.
This must be helpful for education system to furtherly provide models of profile education, and solve the problems of students, parents and society.
Based on a comparative analysis of information from various sources, it is shown the specifics of profile and career guidance work for high school students in France, the USA, Ukraine, Russia.
It is made the attempt to generalize the organization principles in psychological-pedagogical assistance in the profile education, and in the implementation of self-determination’s professional models in high school students due to the online means.
There are identified several modern trends.
In the USA and France, children's acquaintance with the world of professions begins in primary school, and then there is a system of specialized guidance for senior school.
This system claims the possibility to change the direction of education according to the chosen profile on various grounds.
There is a typical organization of continuous career guidance in all foreign schemes of profile orientation which lasts throughout the school: monitoring the achievements, aptitudes, and hobbies of children; compiling their portfolio; and taking into account all this information in further career counseling, and selection of university applicants.
In profile and professional orientation, the emphasis is on the selection of students capable of mastering complex knowledge-intensive technologies that have a clear potential for professional growth and personal development.
Modern IT resources and specialized online platforms are presented as effective tools to provide such psychological services for students and their parents, as well as to provide methodological support to educators.
The further research perspective is to find a solution to use profile orientation online resources in schools, based on the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine implementations; to develop new career guidance online platforms for Ukrainian schools.

Author Biography

Nadiya Shuliuk, Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University

Ph.D. student of the Department of Practical Psychology

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Shuliuk, N. (2021). Experience of profile orientation on the basis of specialized online resources. Scientific Studios on Social and Political Psychology, (47(50), 252-259. https://doi.org/10.33120/ssj.vi47(50).229