Atomization of society, new discriminations and trust under pandemic situation

Keywords: trust, solidarity, atomization, hierarchy, social interactions


The article is dedicated to the analysis of new discrimination forms production under a pandemic situation and its consequences for the social order and solidarity.
It is shown that the pandemic causes the global transformation of everyday life, and the personal inability to apply well-established, reliable practices for social problems' solving. It causes a redistribution of available resources on different levels, which provokes new forms of discrimination and the development of new forms of social inequality. In the space of social interaction, it turns into competition for resources between communities, such as decision-making on the «sequence for assistance providing» to communities (individuals), that is, in fact, is a process of producing inequality and new forms of discrimination. It is noted that the pandemic caused significant «mutations» in the system of social hierarchies. The mechanism of these mutations is the different types of discrimination «imposition» (because they are not isolated), that leads to the formation of a dynamic force that became a «new player» in the polarization of Ukrainian society.
It is concluded that pandemic has significantly «mixed» the society, changing not only the income level for many people, but also changing their consumer behavior, motivation, social values, and so on.
It is noted that pre-established groups begin to disintegrate, move away from each other, lose their functional relationships, but the emergence of new communities is not such a quick process.
Such mixing has resulted in the reconstruction of differences (increasing heterogeneity, polarization) in political, ideological, ideological, value, regional, linguistic, cultural, ethnic characteristics, and it inhibits the use of human and social capital, reduces social cohesion and social trust, increases social tension and instability.

Author Biography

Olha Kochubeynyk, Institute for Social and Political Psychology, NAES of Ukraine

Doctor of Sciences in Psychology, Leading Researcher of the Laboratory of Psychology of Political and Lаw Relationships

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Kochubeynyk, O. (2021). Atomization of society, new discriminations and trust under pandemic situation. Scientific Studios on Social and Political Psychology, (47(50), 60-66.