Socio-Psychological Rehabilitation: Acquirement Steps of Personal Viability

  • Tetiana Larina
Keywords: rehabilitation potential, viability resources, risk, trauma


The socio-psychological rehabilitation of the individual is seen as a step-by-
step process aimed at reducing the negative effects of traumatic events or getting
into a high-risk situation. Among the leading steps in strengthening of psychological
health of a person experiencing the consequences of traumatic events, there are
determined the restoration of viability resources and the actualization of the
rehabilitation potential of the individual. According to our empirical data, we have

found that intensive psychological involvement in the situation of threat and potential
traumatization frees up the natural individual forms of counteraction against the
danger that unfolds in the area of such coping-mechanisms as "confrontation –
avoidance". It is shown that the resources of viability, which reflect the mechanisms
of external risks neutralizing, are manifested in such features of dynamic adaptation
as riskiness and patience. Due to the interpretation of empirical data it is studied the
rehabilitative socio-psychological potential of the respondents, which largely consists
of the ability for social support, the ability to positively rethink the difficult situation,
the ability to judiciously relate to risky, traumatic events. It is determined that the
main task on the way of achieving viability is the reconstruction of basic rehabilitation
resources. These resources are attributed to those internal human resources (first of
all, trust in others and belief in controllability of events) that will allow them to
make positive decisions in any, even very difficult life situations. The trust in
conjunction with faith is a universal rehabilitation resource which unfolds all the
diversity of the individual life construction. It is noted that a separate step towards
the personal viability acquisition is the formation of responsibility for own safety,
health, and life construction.

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