Forecasting a Career and Choosing an Educational Trajectory for Future High School Students by Means of Profile Orientation

  • Olena Shestopalova
  • Nadiia Shulyuk
Keywords: educational reform, specialized orientation, readiness to the conscious specialization choice, the choice in educational direction, career forecast, specialized secondary high school, new Ukrainian school


The educational reform is enlightened in terms of radical changes for the
contents and structure in school specialized education. It is made the overview for
the new conception in school specialized education; the problem on the life choice
and responsibility for it among high secondary school students is pointed. It is the

analyzed the American educational system on the psychological support of profilization,
the counselling system in the occupation choice by means of the “Guidance” specialists
support service, the different issues the American educators faced during the specialized
education implementation. It is presented the USA experience in building the connection
between parents and their children; it is evaluated the effectiveness of the variety of
differentiation in school education due to the viewpoint of readiness to make a career
choice. It is analyzed the Ukrainian experience in this field, and there are outlined the
different approaches for the term “readiness for conscious education choice”, its
content is clarified, the role of specialized orientation in the future career forecasting
is found out. There are given the data responses from the survey among parents and
their children on the necessity of solid changes in the school curriculum and in secondary
school disciplines lecturing. There are singled out the tendencies in parents’ and students’
responses to these problems, some anxious moments in the survey are outlined. There
are identified the contradictions in psycho-pedagogical approaches to guide the
choice of educational orientation among secondary school students. There are found
out the further directions in researching the specialized orientation and its diagnostics,
as well as possible social-psychological consequences in such kind of reforms.

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Shestopalova, O., & Shulyuk, N. (2018). Forecasting a Career and Choosing an Educational Trajectory for Future High School Students by Means of Profile Orientation. Scientific Studios on Social and Political Psychology, (42(45), 114-125.