The Specificity of “Collective Subject” Concept in Ukrainian and Post-Soviet Social Psychology

  • Hennadiy Koval
Keywords: volunteering, ATO volunteering, social movement, collective subject, collective subjectivity, commonality, motivation


It is considered the problem of understanding and development of “collective
subject” and “collective subjectivity” concepts in contemporary Ukrainian and post-
Soviet socio-psychological discourses. Attention is drawn to the mismatch of the problem
context which serves as a framework for the analysis of “collective subject” and
“collective subjectivity” concepts. It is shown that for the Ukrainian socio-psychological
space this general context remains the problem of interrelation between “individual”
and “social” in their influence on the collective subject posture; while for the post-
Soviet space the problem context is forming by the general-psychological theory of
activity and, particularly, by the problem of activity’s subject. It is also noted that
such a general context affects the construction of methodological foundations as the

conditions which are required to a group as a collective subject. It is emphasized that
in Ukrainian discourse the accent is on the development of collectivity principles,
while in post-Soviet discourse the preference is given to subjectivity. It is noted that
these general contexts are relevant to a wider problematic context of an explanation
of the “dynamics of the whole” emergence, which is not limited to a set of its parts.
It is established that the developed criteria to define “collective subject” concept make
it impossible to understand the volunteering movement as a collective subject. It is
made a conclusion that the problem is removed assuming that the determining factor
for the collective subjectivity’s specificity of volunteering movement is another
interrelation of criterion signs. There are formulated the foundations for the collective
subjectivity of volunteering movement specificity’s selection and substantiated the
possibility of such selection through the development of “commonality” concept.

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