Features of Communicative-Technological Adjustment of Social Conflicts in Professional Environment

  • Olha Tsukur Institute for Social and Political Psychology, NAES of Ukraine
Keywords: communicative-technological regulation of social conflicts, professional environment, cognitive approach, cognitive communication


It is studied the peculiarities of communicative-technological regulation of
social conflicts in professional environment, where the technology stands for the unique
system of substantiation of means usage that ensure the phased development of the
competencies necessary to achieve the goal of mutual understanding in a professional
group. Communicative and technological process of conflict management in the area
of professional relations is interpreted as a sequence of operations for building a
specific communicative space by creating a common contour of understanding the
problem situation to ensure effective interaction between different levels of groups
representing the organization and its environment, and a phased solution to the social
problem that has organizational or social significance. It is substantiated the expediency
of cognitive-oriented communication technology usage for resolving conflicts in a

professional environment based on the principles of dialogicity of communicative
interaction and the equality of representation of interests of all subjects of such
interaction. There are generalized the results of the study on the features of the
identification of social conflict in the professional environment. There are identified
the resources which promote the effective regulation of social conflicts in the professional
environment. There are analyzed the risks that hinder the establishment of constructive
interaction in the professional environment and the factors of the internal and external
environment of the organization (social institute) which promote the implementation
of effective communicative strategies of the subjects of dialogue interaction.

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Tsukur, O. (2018). Features of Communicative-Technological Adjustment of Social Conflicts in Professional Environment. Scientific Studios on Social and Political Psychology, (42(45), 95-103. https://doi.org/10.33120/ssj.vi42(45).195