The Strategy of Person’s Self-Efficacy Restoration while Experiencing a Loss

  • Kateryna Myronchak
Keywords: experience of loss, death, damaged areas, personal resources, self-efficacy, restoration strategy


The self-efficacy restoration is defined as a strategically important direction
in the process of socio-psychological rehabilitation. It is developed the strategy of
self-efficacy personal restoration while experiencing a loss; there are described the
three consecutive stages of work according to this strategy: diagnostic, organizational,
and technological. For the diagnostic stage, the following tasks are identified:
determination of self-efficacy level of and acceptance of a loss; defining of the
damaged areas as a result of the loss experience; determination of internal and external
barriers in the process of self-efficacy restoration, and evaluation of personal

resources’ system. As the part of an organizational stage it is concerned the development
of an individual work plan and the recommendations for self-efficacy restoring
which are based on the results of diagnostic evaluation and the choice of a general
strategy of work: cooperation stimulation, specialist’s (psychologist’s, social worker’s)
involvement into construction of rehabilitation measures system, application of
elements of socio-psychological support. As the part of the technological stage which
represents directly the methods of rehabilitation, the technologies of self-efficacy
recovery in the event of loss are developed: technology of loss acceptance, technology
of localization of the cause of personal life resources’ loss, and media technologies.
The following ways of personal self-efficacy restoring are proposed: acceptance of
loss, actualization of the highest value through the acquisition of the suffering’s deep
sense, acceptance of own negative states as personal resources, breathing and relaxation
techniques, body practices, reconstruction of existing meanings or construction of
the new ones, activation of memories of a real successful experience in difficulties’
confronting, modelling of success images, mediated experiencing of success, motivating
verbal persuasion, determination of the demands’ level of a person, verification of actual
and potential resources, narrative practices.

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