The Level of Civic Identity Formation: the Problem of Empirical Determinatio

  • Nigora Khazratova
Keywords: civic identity, organizational environment of the state, axioilogical space of the state


It is clarified the phenomenon of civic identity, as well as its empirical indicators.
It is carried out the comparative analysis of the methods and techniques of individual

civic identity diagnostics to find the effective methods of its determination. An important
empirical indicator of civic identity is recognized not only as the formal personal
awareness of belonging to the state as a citizen, but also by the value-semantic inclusion
in the organizational and axiological environment of the state. The problem of the
adequate tools selection for determination and fixation of these phenomena is crucial
for the results reliability. This is evidenced by the controversial results of our empirical
civic identity studies, obtained with the usage of various measuring instruments. The
first study was conducted by a questionnaire, in which the respondents were asked a
direct question about their citizenship, its priority and value for them. In the second
study it was used the method of incidents – diagnostic situations of offenses committed
by the state / person; the participant was evaluating the responsibility degree of the
offender. The first study showed the existence of a prevailing majority of respondents’
civic identity: they are not only considering themselves as citizens of the Ukrainian
state, but also proud of it. The results of the second study approved that when assessing
the state responsibility the participants show rigorism, and when assessing the
responsibility of a person who causes damage to the state – the tolerance and relativism
are shown. The third study, performed with the usage of the projective method
"Completion of the story", showed the dominance of the individual-adaptive behavior
value in the state threatening conditions. This indicates the discrepancy between the
declared values and behavioral sets in the civic identity experience, therefore confirms
the need to use a different-leveled (both conscious and unconscious) diagnostics of
civic identity.

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