Socio-Psychological Rehabilitation of Personality: Stages, Technologies, Techniques

  • Tetiana Tytarenko Institute for Social and Political Psychology, NAES of Ukraine
Keywords: socio-psychological rehabilitation, personality, life-designing, technologies, stages of rehabilitation


It is determined the specifics of socio-psychological rehabilitation of war injured personality in comparison with medical, social, and psychological rehabilitation. It is shown that socio-psychological influences are not strictly aimed only at the restoration of health, or of the lost mental functions, or at the social status returning. A wide field of socio-psychological interventions covers the activating of person’s life-designing, the restoring of independent transformations ability, which involves the projecting of future, the approbation, the correction of these projects and their realization in various spheres of life. Socio-psychological technologies of personality’s rehabilitation are defined as the complex of targeted impacts which provide the preservation and restoration of personal integrity, balance, self-regulation ability, self-efficacy, communicative competence, and generation of vital senses activating.
The technologies are presented as a set of interventions deployed in a 4-vector personal-instrumental-spatial-temporal plane. There is analyzed the process of socio-psychological restoration which consists of three stages: preparatory, basic, and supporting ones. There are defined the technologies that are expedient to use at the preparatory stage of socio-psychological rehabilitation: these are the enhancing technology of self-change motivation, the constructing technology of effective motivators, and the activating technology of blind fields of attention. There are also tested the technologies which ensure the successful passing of the basic stage: these are the
designing technology of the future through life choices, the approbation technology of updated projects by means of life tasks setting, and the realization technology of the set tasks with the help of more and more successful practicing. Finally, there are proposed the technologies on which the supporting stage (which also acts as the prophylactic one) should be based: these are the technology of reinterpretation and integration of traumatic memories into the personality’s general experience, the developing technology of the new attitude to stress as to resource, and the technology of mediated influence on the personality through the more ecological environment of life organization.

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