The competition-quest impact on the attitudes of education process participants towards the «New Ukrainian School» reform

Keywords: education reform, New Ukrainian School, attitudes towards educational innovations, partnership pedagogy, public opinion, competition-quest, socio-psychological technology


It is presented the results of the study on the effectiveness of socio-psychological technology to support the reform of secondary education in the form of a competition-quest named «Reform as the path to the school of my dream».

There are presented the purpose, main tasks, content, and organization issues of the All-Ukrainian Competition-Quest.

There are outlined the main effects of the proposed socio-psychological technology appliance, which can be extrapolated to solve a wide range of problems related to the change adoption through the establishment of constructive interaction between the educational process subjects. Based on the activities and reports of the teams participating in the quest, there are presented their views on various aspects of the «New Ukrainian School» conception, particularly reforming the general secondary education, implementation of a 12-year education and a profile high school, views on a «motivated teacher» and «partnership pedagogy».

There are given the feedback examples of team members’ participation in the quest competition and the evaluation of its effectiveness.

There are also presented the study results concerning the impact of the developed socio-psychological technology competition-quest «Reform as the path to the school of my dream» on the attitude of the educational process subjects (teachers, students, and their parents) towards the educational innovations, the formation of positive public opinion on the reform of secondary education.

It is revealed a significant increase in the number of respondents with a «positive-active» and a decrease in the number of participants with a «negative-passive» and «neutral» attitude towards the «New Ukrainian School» reform.

It is observed positive dynamics among the respondents – the competition-quest participants.

Author Biographies

Viktor Yurchenko, V.I. Vernadsky Taurida National University

Ph.D. in Psychology, Associate Professor,

Associate Professor of Psychology and Pedagogy

V.I. Vernadsky Taurida National University,

Kyiv, Ukraine

Liudmyla Grytsenok, Institute for Social and Political Psychology, NAES of Ukraine

Researcher of laboratory of the psychology of communication,

Institute for Social and Political Psychology NAES of Ukraine,

Kyiv, Ukraine

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Yurchenko, V., & Grytsenok, L. (2020). The competition-quest impact on the attitudes of education process participants towards the «New Ukrainian School» reform. Scientific Studios on Social and Political Psychology, (45(48), 110-120.