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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • The text is prepared in accordance with the stylistic and bibliographic requirements set out in the Guidelines for Authors
  • This submission has not been previously published or sent to other journals (or provide an explanation in the comments for the editor)
  • The submission file is a document in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, RTF or WordPerfect format
  • Web links in the text are accompanied by full valid URLs
  • The text is typed in the 12th font size with a single line spacing; author's accents are highlighted in italics, not underlined (everywhere except URLs); all illustrations, graphs and tables are placed directly in the text, where they should be in the table of contents (and not at the end of the document)

Author Guidelines


PLEASE use tempate-guideliness

Authors are required to sign:

1. Licence Agreement to publish the work

2. Conflict of Interest Form


English, Ukrainian

All the writing should be clear, concise, and logical. Appropriate academic language should be used. 


There is no fee for publication


The journal accepts manuscripts such as review articles, original researches, reviews and case-studies

Warning! Whatever language the article is written in, the block with information about the authors, abstracts and keywords should be presented in Ukrainian and English. For foreign authors, Ukrainian-language data is generated by the Editorial Board.

Important! The names and surnames of the authors should be given and transliterated into Latin from the language in which they are presented in identity documents.

Additionally. It is recommended to use the service to make a references. References to one's own publications are undesirable and are allowed only when absolutely necessary.
In case of non-compliance with the specified requirements, the articles are not considered.
The editors reserve the right to arrange, edit, shorten and submit manuscripts of articles for external review,
to correspond with the authors if necessary.
The opinion of the editors may not coincide with the opinion of the authors.
The decision to include an article in the collection is made by the Editorial Board



  • Manuscript language - Ukrainian, English
  • The volume of the main text of the article - from 16,000 characters with spaces up to 40,000 characters with spaces. The optimal volume of the article is 20,000 characters with spaces.
  • The text should be typed in the text editor MS Word.
  • Page parameters: A4 format, all margins - 2.5 cm, without footers and page numbering.
  • Times New Roman main text font, plain, hyphenated lines.
  • Paragraph options:
  • alignment - width;
  • line spacing - 1 cm;
  • indentation of the first line - 1 cm;
  • paragraph spacing - 0 mm


  • Article title (12 pt, bold, capital letters, paragraph without indents of the first line, center alignment).
  • Abstract in the language of the text of the article with a volume of at least 1800 characters (10 pt, normal font, alignment in width, indentations on the right and left - 1 cm). It should contain the following elements: tasks - goals of scientific research; methodology and scientific approaches; conclusions - what are the main results of research work; boundaries of research, the possibility of using the results, the direction of further research; practical meaning; social consequences (if any) - impact on society / politics; originality / value
  • Keywords: (10 pt, bold). Further in the same line - the language of the text of the article from 3 to 8 key research concepts, separated by a sign ";" (10 pt, normal font, alignment in width, indentations on the right and left - 1 cm).
  • Title of the article, name and data about the authors, abstract, keywords in English (elements are made in the same way as in the language of the text of the article). If the language of the text of the article is not Ukrainian, the title of the article, name and data of the authors, abstract, keywords in Ukrainian should be provided
  • The main text of the article (regular font, 12 pt) should consist of the following headings (bold, 12 pt) See template-guideliness above
  • References (12 pt, bold, paragraph without indents of the first line, center alignment) is given in the original language, with the exception of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic; in this case, the name of the source is given in English with the language of the original in parentheses. It is designed according to the APA style. Sources in the list of links are organized without numbering in alphabetical order. Mandatory availability of sources published in the last 5 years (preferably at least half). It is not allowed to cite sources that are not referenced in the text

Privacy Statement

The names and e-mail addresses provided by users on the website of the Journal
will be used exclusively for internal technical tasks of the Journal;
they will not be distributed or passed on to third parties