No. 45(48) (2020)

The issue is dedicated to a wide range of socio-psychological problems: from ontological and epistemological principles of modern personality’s functioning to technological work with communities. There are considered the theoretical-methodological foundations of psychological security, socio-psychological thinking, quasi-social identity, civic competence. The focus is on the post-traumatic personal transformations, psychological well-being, feelings of opposition to the world, intolerance to uncertainty. There are proposed technologies for stigmatized minorities support, for adjusting the attitude of participants in the educational process to the «New Ukrainian School» reform, for the formation of competent parenting to children with autism. Interdisciplinary issues of the relationship between the human and artificial intelligence are raised, the prospects for peacebuilding in the modern world are assessed.

Addressed to social and political psychologists, specialists of related sciences, teachers,
Ph.D. students, and university students.

Published: 2020-07-03