No. 41(44) (2018)

The current issue of the collection introduces the works presented at the reporting scientific session of the Institute for Social and Political Psychology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, as well as with the independent studies of specialists in the socio-psychological sphere. The wide range of issues caused by transformational processes in Ukrainian society is discussed, – from theoretical and methodological principles of social and political psychology to personal and applied problems. The results of theoretical and empirical researches on issues of psychology of large groups, nation-building, normativity, civic self-identification, and politico-legal sphere are presented. Strategies for socio-psychological rehabilitation, adaptation, and regulation of the consequences of a military conflict are proposed. Problems on implementation of educational reform, on informational influences on youth and adolescents are analyzed.

The edition is addressed to social and political psychologists, specialists of adjacent sciences, teachers, PhD students, and university students.

Published: 2018-08-30