• No. 43(46) (2019)

    The current issue of the collection introduces the results of theoretical and empirical researches on problems of nation-building, citizens’ civic competence, and their politico-legal consciousness in the transformational society. There are proposed the strategical approaches, methods, and technologies for psychological health’s improving in person and community in the conditions of war conflict. There are discussed the diagnostic methods of professional self-determination in veterans. The concepts of “sense of ownership”, “generation expectations”, “group myth”, “family” and “parental competence” are analyzed. The problems of environmental risks and attitudes towards robots are raised.

    Addressed to social and political psychologists, specialists of related sciences, teachers,
    Ph.D. students, and university students.

  • No. 39 (42) (2017)

    The current issue presents the results of scientific researches in actual theoretical and practical issues of social and political psychology. Ways of becoming and development of social and psychological thinking forms, theoretical and methodological foundations of social and psychological rehabilitation of personality are discussed. Issues of social, political, legal and national self-determination of individual and group subjects are covered. Features of intra-group and intergroup interaction are revealed and technologies of its optimization are proposed. Significant weight is devoted to formation of positive social image of educational innovations and features of communicative practices in the Internet environment.

    The journal is addressed to social and political psychologists, specialists in adjacent sciences, lecturers, PhD fellows, and students.

  • No. 40 (43) (2017)

    The next issue of the collection introduces the developments in the field of methodology, theory and practice of social psychology. A wide range of socio-psychological problems caused by transformational processes in the Ukrainian society are discussed, from personal perspectives to problems of education in social and political dimensions. The results of theoretical and empirical research on the themes of values, identity, self-determination, gender, emotional resilience, and satisfaction with life are presented. Concepts of information exchange, advertising, politicization, reforming are considered. Problems of functioning and interaction of separate social groups, masses and communities are analyzed. Predictions and recommendations for implementation of the presented works are offered.

    The edition is addressed to social and political psychologists, specialists of adjacent sciences, teachers, PhD students, and university students.