Stress resistance as a feature of character of the Ukrainians

Keywords: stress, stress resistance, psychological stress, national character, coping strategies, social support, collective trauma, early negative experience


The article discloses the peculiarities of stress resistance of the Ukrainian ethnicity. Has been analyzed the importance of the national character of Ukrainians as an important determinant of stress resistance. Also, the main features of the Ukrainian national character, which are related to stress resistance have been highlighted. The significance of the collective traumatic experience as a factor in increasing vulnerability to stress has been considered. The author includes sensitivity, cordocentrism, individualism, freedom-loving, intolerance to coercion and violence, hard work, antaeuism, and optimism to the features of the national character that are associated with stress resistance. Emphasis is placed on the positive or ambiguous relationship of selected features with stress resistance. A positive or ambiguous relationship of the selected features with stress resistance was noted. The propensity of Ukrainians to provide social support in crisis situations has been disclosed, which has a significant positive effect on the psychological well-being of large groups. In the opinion of the author, taking into account the previous and past historical experience of the Ukrainian ethnicity, collective trauma appears to be a growing problem, which has a long-term negative impact on psychological well-being and stress resistance

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Dudnyk, Y. (2022). Stress resistance as a feature of character of the Ukrainians. Scientific Studios on Social and Political Psychology, (50(53).