Media psychological features of youth patriotism in the information age

Keywords: traditional patriotism, informational patriotism, cyber socialization, cyberspace, media psychological practices, activity in the information environment, media creativity


In the conditions of hybrid warfare and, in particular, informational war, the role of patriotism as a potential resource for the preservation of the national identity of Ukrainians increases. Information ideological war, aimed at distorting the consciousness of Ukrainians and which is carried out mainly in the information space, requires young people to develop media-information literacy and compelling patriotism in social networks – "informational" patriotism. The objective is to propose a notion of youth informational patriotism, note its specificity, and define innovative directions of its development with the help of media psychology practices. The concept of informational patriotism is illuminated within the framework of theoretical works of national-patriotic education of Ukrainian youth, the theory of cyber socialization, and media psychology. Based on sources, the analysis discovered the scientific problem: the lack of theoretical knowledge about the existing social and psychological phenomenon of informational patriotism, which is common in social networks, on video hosting services, informative Internet publications, etc. A new concept of "informational patriotism" is proposed. In the psychological aspect, personal information patriotism constitutes a new form of manifestation of patriotism of the information age. Due to the activation of the emotional-sensual, mental-cognitive, motivational-action components is actualized exclusively in the cyberspace – interactive information environment. Informational patriotism of youth, unlike traditional patriotism, has a specific manifestation of structural and functional components. On the media-psychological plane, informational patriotism aims to preserve and distribute Ukrainian content, protect from hostile propaganda, and promote Ukrainian values in the information environment. The development of informational patriotism of youth is ensured by innovative media psychological practices. Informational patriotism requires further theoretical and empirical research. However, the obtained results of the mass survey and their preliminary analysis provide an opportunity to highlight strategies and tactics of innovative methodological tools. The practical toolkit consists of stimulating the patriotic activity of students in social networks. In turn, patriotic activity is aimed at the protection and distribution of Ukrainian content in the interactive environment and the creation of new, original content. The development of children and youth's informational patriotism is planned through media-psychological practices in a media-educational format.

Author Biography

Nataliia Cherepovska, Institute for Social and Political Psychology, NAES of Ukraine

Ph.D. in Psychology, Head of the Laboratory of Psychology of Mass Communication and Media Education

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Cherepovska, N. (2021). Media psychological features of youth patriotism in the information age. Scientific Studios on Social and Political Psychology, (48(51), 188-200.