The first psychological assistance to the educational process participants: the structure and actions algorithms

Keywords: emergency, first psychological aid, practices, victims, mental health


The performed study is relevant because a system of psychological support for citizens shall be organized; this system shall meet the Concept on Mental Health requirements in Ukraine for the period up to 2030 and apply global technologies of the first aid for victims of emergencies in Ukraine. The article's purpose was to add the practice of neutralizing acute stress disorders and preventing post-traumatic stress disorders in victims of emergencies to the internationally used set of first aid actions. According to the study results, a three-level psychological support system is proposed; this system supplements the internationally tested set of eight basic steps in emergencies. The debriefing method is recommended to use at the first level of psychological support to minimize the undesirable psychological consequences of an emergency. At the second level, problems of students' life safety (according to Ukrainian legislation) shall be solved, and students' psychological state shall be examined (regarding expediency to send them at consultation with mental health professionals). Crisis psychological assistance shall be provided to victims (analysis of psychological problems and threats of mental disorders to determine whether a victim should be sent to medical and psychological rehabilitation, specialized medical institutions, etc.). Prospects for further studies can include developing a program to train employees of social centers and psychological services working with the education system to coordinate the work at emergencies and rehabilitation assistance to members of local communities who have become victims or witnesses of emergencies.

Author Biography

Nataliia Dovhan, Institute for Social and Political Psychology, NAES of Ukraine

Dr. Sc. in Psychology, Senior Research Associate of the Laboratory of Psychology of Political-Legal Relations

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Dovhan, N. (2021). The first psychological assistance to the educational process participants: the structure and actions algorithms. Scientific Studios on Social and Political Psychology, (48(51), 145-153.