Peculiarities of communication-technological settlement of social conflicts in various spheres of social practice

Keywords: social conflict, communication technology, communication-technological approach, communicative algorithm, communicative intentions, communicative interaction, the effects of communication, practically oriented spheres of society


There are summarized the results of the completed scientific work, in the course of which scientific-methodological approaches to the construction of communicative technologies for resolving social conflicts are developed. There are identified the resources that ensure the effectiveness of their settlement in specific practice-oriented areas: professional, educational, family, online space, conflict balancing of generations, and in the context of the formation of approaches to the implementation of social policy.

The main research methods were: theoretical analysis, typology, modeling, observation, conversation, questionnaire, survey, testing, experiment, verbal projective techniques, SWOT-analysis, content analysis, praximetric method, consulting and training technologies, statistical methods of mathematical processing of experimental data.

The study revealed the causes and consequences of social conflicts, the specifics of their manifestations in modern conditions of conflict in Ukraine.

The criteria of efficiency of application of communication technologies and parameters of their construction for settlement of social conflicts are defined. A number of communicative principles are formulated in order to resolve social conflicts, including the principle of the "shuttle movement" and the principle of generational influences on conflict interaction. To solve a number of research problems, technologies of socio-psychological diagnostics and socio-psychological organization of the target communicative space are developed.

Plans for constructing effective communications as a series of sequential communication algorithms that determine the features of the use of information in resolving social conflict are developed.

It is deepen the understanding of communication effects that occur both in the process and as a result of the application of the proposed technologies; features of communication networks as a system of social and technical communication channels which are built in accordance with the goals and conditions of conflict resolution; features of the influence of communication technologies on the emergence of new actors (virtual social communities, virtual coalitions) and the changing role and weight of traditional actors of social interaction – participants of social conflict.

It is expanded the idea of communicative intentions as subjective motives that motivate an individual or a community to enter the process of conflict communication, and the technologies of these intentions’ leveling are defined.

As a result of the application of communicative technologies for the settlement of social conflicts, the presence of positive trends in the development of the communicative potential of the individual is recorded, which indicates the effectiveness of the further implementation of such technological innovations in public practice.

Author Biography

Iryna Petrenko

Ph.D. in Psychology, Senior Research Associate,

Laboratory of Psychology of Communication,

Institute for Social and Political Psychology, NAES of Ukraine,

Kyiv, Ukraine

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Petrenko, I. (2020). Peculiarities of communication-technological settlement of social conflicts in various spheres of social practice. Scientific Studios on Social and Political Psychology, (46(49), 168-178.