Problematic issues of modern peacebuilding: discussions and prospects

Keywords: peacebuilding, liberal peace, hybrid methodology, top-down model, peacebuilding research in Ukraine


There are presented the results of the analysis of problematic issues and discussions around the traditional models of peacebuilding that take place in the world English-speaking peacebuilding space.

Based on the review of the current state of Ukrainian studies in the field of peacebuilding, its components are characterized, and the «embryonic» state of development of this area of scientific research is recorded.

It is covered a wide range of contemporary critical views on ontological foundations and applied models for building a liberal and post-liberal peace, as well as the problem of a hybrid methodology.

It is noted that today’s main «problem zone», according to many authors, is the zone of balance establishing between external influences and related universal models of peacebuilding, based on the ideas of liberalism, and local traditions, values and ideas, which are reflected in local forms of governance and the traditional foundations of coexistence (the problem of «liberal-local").

It is emphasized that the main problematic question in the field of peacebuilding is: «What do local residents really want?».

There are also highlighted the various aspects of the discussion on the problematic issues of applying the top-down model of peacebuilding, which relate to the issues of direct intervention by international donors in the work of local «peace agents» and the potential conflictogenic impact of international assistance.

It is indicated the problem of insufficient understanding and analysis of the conflict in peacebuilding and statebuilding, the models of «critical hybridity» and the political significance of «events» and «non-events» are revealed.

The general conclusion is made upon that today the representatives of the world peacebuilding community do not have universal recipes and approaches to the development of the post-conflict peace.

Attention is focused on the need for a critical reflection on the world experience of peacebuilding in order to create a Ukrainian model of peacebuilding.

Author Biography

Andrii Gusiev, University of Educational Management, NAES of Ukraine

Ph.D. in Psychology, Associate Professor,

Department of Psychology and Personal Development,

University of Educational Management, NAES of Ukraine,

Kyiv, Ukraine

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