Challenges of communication risks for the personality: a theoretical analysis of contemporary researches

Keywords: communication risks; information and communication technologies; online risks; transformation of the interpersonal communication system


It is made an attempt to outline the problematic field of communication risks’ negative consequences to the individual in the modern world. The urgency of this problem is dictated by the fact that recently Ukrainian society has been, on the one hand, under the sights of information influence as a result of hybrid wars in the geopolitical space, and, on the other, the population has often fallen victims of unrestricted, arbitrary access to information and communication technologies. It is emphasized that the current state of the information environment of Ukrainian society significantly influences the person’s adaptation to today’s realities. According to statistics, Ukrainians are rapidly embracing information technology, showing high employment rates on digital platforms, and growing the dynamics of Internet usage. Therefore, all this increases the risk of unpredictable transformation of the human communication sphere. Considering the dynamic and interdisciplinary nature of the problem, the author of this article is footing on the findings and conclusions presented in the journals included in the scientific databases, particularly, Web of Science. So, the proposed theoretical analysis is a search for adequate characteristics and signs of contemporary communication risks to the individual. Based on the analysis of the problem of communication risks in the modern world, there are outlined the certain characteristics of those dangers and threats that they generate. Firstly, there is a risk of the critical burden on human adaptation and regulatory mechanisms and as a consequence of the need to determine the integral acceptability of communication risk to human mental health. Secondly, the voluntary implementation (unlimited by any means; by own will) of information and communication technologies into social and interpersonal interaction, which creates the tendency of social well-being and mental health deterioration. Thirdly, the multilevel transformation of the interpersonal communication system, which creates the conditions to form a conglomerate of personal safety locks to overcome the excessive pressure of information risks. The identified range of dangers allows us to get closer to the development of an adequate strategy for the socio-psychological support of the individual in the context of the multi-level transformation of the interpersonal communication system.

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Larina, T. (2019). Challenges of communication risks for the personality: a theoretical analysis of contemporary researches. Social and Political Psychology Studies, (44(47), 59-66.