Organization of socio-psychological accompaniment of IDPs

Keywords: psychosocial support, socio-psychological accompaniment, mental health, IDPs, organization


The problem of socio-psychological accompaniment of IDPs which recently became relevant in Ukrainian society with the beginning of hostilities in the East of Ukraine is highlighted within the framework of mental health psychosocial support (MHPSS). The socio-psychological accompaniment of IDPs is seen as a complex of specific long-term and systematic means of psychological support of such persons, and social assistance to integrate them into local communities under the conditions of transition from war to peace. As the main condition for effective psychosocial support it is defined the creation of a favorable socio-psychological environment at the level of the state and regional communities to restore the IDPs’ life-designing and self-realization. It is revealed the long-term potential of the socio-political situation to improve the mental health care system of the citizens, such system may become the institutional basis for the productive socio-psychological accompaniment of IDPs. The levels of organization of socio-psychological accompaniment of IDPs are determined, namely macrolevel (strategies and tactics of the state social policy on IDPs, and the information policy); middle level (support of the IDPs’ host communities by means of training and rehabilitation programs for professionals who work with IDPs); microlevel (programs of socio-psychological accompaniment for IDPs based on local organizations). There are also outlined the tasks of socio-psychological accompaniment of IDPs, and the corresponding criteria for support programs evaluation. These tasks are: forming of socio-economic autonomy skills; implementation of trauma and gender sensitivity principles; taking into account the specific needs of the target group; promoting of personal development; debunking of stereotypes on perception and self-perception. As the perspective of research it is defined the monitoring of regional programs for IDPs by certain criteria, and their implementation into the practice of state institutions and public organizations work which deals with psychosocial support for IDPs.

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Hundertailo, Y. (2019). Organization of socio-psychological accompaniment of IDPs. Scientific Studios on Social and Political Psychology, (44(47), 52-58.